March 3, 2015

the holidays

The holidays in 2014 were a slight blur. Everything was great and festive and fun. I felt the Christmas spirit and enjoyed time w my family. But it was so busy! Any and all routines were thrown out the window and we are still paying for that, in February! This year, I've made a goal to edit a little more and make more of a priority to keep even just a little normalcy for my kids' sake, and my sanity too. It's hard when you love to party and you don't want to say no to anything. But the kids will also be another year older, so it might be a little easier.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years 2014...

cheerleader and ninja

Halloween in FL --cousin, Jack, Fred, Hat///mummy and scary guy

our tree this year had handmade snowflakes and paper chains, and popcorn strung by hand. and little drums fred picked out at the store that hattie loved to pull off the tree and pull apart. 

we drove around and looked at lights almost every night

and made treats and gingerbread pancakes most mornings.

new years eve party, then dinner with friends at Postino, and then kissing and boggle at home.

goal making was followed by friends and donuts in the New Year. Happy 2015!

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