March 14, 2015

PAST bdays of nems

It's March. The air is getting ever warmer and blowier. Things are all coming to life. I feel motivated and moved and like ordering fish and chips and shamrock shakes and as if I'm getting older. I grow so nostalgic this time of year. I don't long for days past in anyway besides how skinny I was (and not really even that, but REALLY?!!!) but I love looking back on those days. I was so awkward and inexperienced and invincible!!! I found myself looking at photos and blog/livejournal/facebook posts from Marches past and wanted to post some of them here. Haha!! So funny...and sometimes not so! The furthest back I've been documenting myself online is about 2003, but I found photos from since about 2005. It's strange to think of a world without instagram, facebook, or even cell phones...but it's robot children and grandchildren, you.

Well here it starts...and mind you, these are random and out of context...but a photo of me on my birthday that year!!!! And those....these(!!!) bangs!!!

2005. 10 years ago. I was 21 that day.

Joseph, Anne, me

2006, 22 years,
Joseph and I at the AZ Science Center

w Tracy Radar & Sneek

This one is from May 2007, I had just turned 23, but had not documented much. I think I was in a rebellious stage ;)
Here I'm at Toozigoot Monument.

And here at the first meeting of the Sparkle Writers w Angel, Anne, Kyle and Aaron. I would move in w Morgan that July and meet Collin Smith that October, among a million other memories that are coming back. I had a couple of relationships that seemed so meaningless at the time but I realize right now, that they allowed me to get away from one relationship and I was able to be prepared to meet the man of my dreams.

2008, 24 years!! I was in such a happy, confident, exciting  stage, figuring things out w and traveling all over to Collin, living w Morgan, so active and service oriented in my ward, enjoying work and life.

At brunch w the Moneys.

My big fat Greek restaurant w friends.

Morgan made my day so so special.

2009, 25, living in Provo with Collin. We loved the Monte Vista apartments. My family came to visit for spring break/my bday. Dance party and not many showed up but it was fun. AJ was on his mission. Look at that hair!!!!

He spoiled me as always!

2010, 26 years! Living in Rockville, Maryland, and adventuring in DC constantly. We took the train in for my bday and explored a ton of galleries and places. Very romantic and rainy and lovely. Felt so close to Collin in that foreign land!

the BEST cupcake shop in DC, in our opinion...Hello Cupcake!!

2011, that next year. 27 years old and 3 months pregnant with little Frederick. We had a party w DC friends.

We were poor as ever and went to Red Robin with our two free BDAY burgers and they let us both use them. :) happy day!

2012, 28 years, we had moved to Phoenix and were visiting the Smiths in beautiful Florida. Beach for my Bday.

2013, at the Phoenix Art Museum with my honey Fred and sweet Joseph and my mom.

we love birthdays!!!!!!!! I was just about to conceive Harriet Jillian.

2014!!! THIRTY YEARS!!!!!!!! 30 30 30 30 30 30 30!!! I woke up to the most awesome morning party with Collin, Fred and tiny Hattie bub. Jayna cut off about 8 inches of my hair and turned it blonde. 3 decades of life!! we went to SMOCA and then to GADZOOKS, a delicious and cool enchiladas place, with the Moneys.

all my loves!!

those are a lot of candles....

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  1. i can't believe how young you were when you moved here! i feel like you've been 31 forever. or maybe you've been 26 forever! it's fun to see pictures of you when i didn't know you yet, but still, i think, "yep. That's nikki!" happy birthday lovely lady!