March 8, 2015

Hattie's FIRST birthday

I realized I never posted about my daughter, Harriet Jillian's FIRST BIRTHDAY Party!!

We had a very feminine frilly tea party in the garden, and it was everything we hoped it would be. Collin and I love parties. We love going to them and having them and planning them!!! Sure, things can get stressful here and there, but with each one we get better and better at figuring it all out and making things run more smoothly. We've recently discovered The Alison Show and love her and her blog and her cookies and her dance parties. Also, she's a PRO at planning and throwing parties and gives awesome ideas and tips on throwing them. We took her online cookie course and Cookie Party post of ours coming soon, BY THE WAY.

So back to our angel, Hattie. She turned ONE YEAR OLD! It was one year (plus a few months now) ago that I held her in my arms for the first time after the fastest and most intense darn delivery in the history of TIME (in my opinion), a year since she first latched and nursed, a year since she first STARTED pooping all over the place. I love that little honey. She had challenged me and empowered me. She LOVES Fred and Collin with all her heart. Oh and Dot the kitty, too! LOVES HER. She's one of the happiest and most emotional children I've ever known. A true daughter of mine. She's tall and strong and smart and talks and walks and runs away from me as defiantly as possible!!!! She has her own ideas about the way things should go, just like the rest of us Smiths, and she has no problem stating her opinion, LOUDLY. I love her assertive, kind, happy nature and her passionate, loving sweetness. She'll hit freddie on the head and then tenderly hug and kiss (MWAH!) and say "sayeee" (sorry.) What a GAL, that Hattie Hat! She's a special soul, that darling.

Here are some photos of the day we celebrated her year of life (and our getting through it!!) taken by the amazingly brilliant dear dear friend of mine (for almost 20 years!), Jayna of Jayna Hedges Photography!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you, Jayna!!!

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  1. It was a beautiful first birthday!!