October 4, 2015

Batman VS Spiderman: Freddie's 4th birthday party!!

One of the highlights was that my mom came to visit! The kids were so happy to see her and it was fun sharing what we have been up to and though we had all been there many times...showing off our new neighborhood. 
Freddie told us early on, this year he wanted a Batman and Soiderman party. Here is the awesome invite. Colli and I work together in the idea and then he works his creative magic and always comes up with something amazing!! 

Masks making table 
Batman was well represented in our family. 

I love Freddie in the following pictures. He is just so happy surrounded by friends!!

We went across the street to the Capitol lawn where Mr. Bruce Wayne had a series of tests and obstacles for our little super heroes in training.  

^John and Cecil Schultz with Noah Ingley

The Ellis family

Happy Jayden and Kamree!

In the back in Amelia's family: brother Chris and his wife Becca and their three kids, Eli, Liam and Zola and Amelia's younger sister Hannah. I love them all so much and feel they are family already. 

He put the candles on himself (8 instead of 4!! 😂)  And blew them out one at a time. Smart boy. Love him so much. 

Great-grandpa Sherwood Smith was visiting his sister Wilma and they came to the party. It was the best ever and everyone loved them. The kids adore them both!!

Cousin time at the after party!!

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  1. holy moly...you guys are fun! happy birthday freddie!