October 4, 2015


Yesterday in general conference, Elder Holland spoke of mothers and compared them to the Savior in love and sacrifice. I had never thought of such a thing! As a mother and person I am so far from being anything like the Savior. I can't even hold a candle to him. Yet Holland's words were so empowering. Not only was it nice for someone to recognize and sympathize with being pregnant, laboring, bearing, nursing and raising children but he also encouraged and comforted me. I felt like I can someday be like my Savior, Jesus Christ. I can try to be more loving, patience, honest, compassionate, kind, selfless, humble, teachable and non judge mental as he is. He makes up for my faults and failures. I am grateful for the words of the apostles and for how women are and have always been valued in the church and in the eyes of Jesus Christ and Heavnely Father. And I am grateful for my eternal role of mother.  

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  1. I wrote....Elder Holland said Maternal Love is Divine and he compared Mothers to the Savior in sacrifice and service. And today in Conference Russell M. Nelson talked about a "covenant keeping women". It seems like every speaker shared a story about a mother, grandmother or a woman in their life that made a difference. Two wonderful days of Conference talks.