October 4, 2015

Red butte gardens

Gardens have always been our favorite thing. They are unique to their area, peaceful, quiet, almost spiritual. The kids can run around and explore and we learn and play together, surrounded by nature. CS and I got engaged in the Selby Merie Botanical Gardens in Florida and it was perfect for us. We loved visiting the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. We went a couple of times when Freddie was a baby and ended up getting a season pass after Hattie was born. We got to know many of the names of cacti and native AZ plants and saw lots of wildlife. So fun. The other week we were having a family date evening, driving around the University of Utah and parked in a canyon to hike a little bit. It was all very lovely and blustery and the colors on trees were changing (which Freddie has become so fascinated with). 
Then we stumbled upon the Red Butte Gardens, next to the Natural History Museum, and they were having a bulb sale with free entry to the gardens!!
We went in and looked around. It ended up being such a beautiful, fun time together!! Because it was late, there wasn't a ton of time to see everything, but we bought some bulbs and some cute nature journals for everyone that were on sale.. Then we headed to the children's garden. It was one of the most magical, playful experiences of my life. It was so beautiful and well-done. Plus it was a really cool atmosphere because there was a wedding going on a few gardens over and we could hear everything. So romantic and cool. 
We can't wait to go back!!

Salt Lake is an interesting place because it is a desert but it's a lush and colorful desert. There aren't many cacti; it's not covered in dirt and the buildings aren't all beige. It's our new home!! 

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