February 17, 2016

Ice Castles

It felt like we were in the movie Frozen the other night as we explored ice caves, slides and walkways. It helped to have let it go and other instrumental music from the movie playing and the 15-20 degree weather of course. What a fun freezing night it was! Freddie loved every moment of it, Harriet tolerated it and kept her warm clothes on, and we loved watching them. Fred went down the smaller slide about 20 times and waited in line for the big slide all the way to the top before deciding he didn't want to go down. I was really proud of him for trying. He got a little upset before leaving because he didn't want to go and "would miss this place too much." My sensitive guy. We talked about enjoying everything as much as possible and till the very last minute and then saying goodbye and just being glad we did it. He's wonderful. And I don't blame him one tiny bit. 

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