February 5, 2016

Pen marks, talks

Freddie got busted for drawing with pen on the walls all over the house. (Like 8 different spots.) After I got super upset and he was sent to his room, and cried, we talked. Had a good convo about loving each other no matter what we do and mistakes and making it right. He's so sweet. He told me that he wanted me (meaning wanted my attention) and that's why he acted out. 
We hugged and each apologized and then he showed me everywhere that he drew. He told Hattie he was wrong for doing it and that she shouldn't either; he picked up the trash and can that he had kicked over when he was mad at me for catching him. And he cleaned all the pen up with a magic eraser. He even went beyond that and cleaned a few spots that had marker from Hattie from the past. She followed us around, watching and pointing out, "Reddie do dat." Great learning moment for us all. I love him and love to see him grow and develop. I'm so proud of him and who he is. He is a special guy. 

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