February 17, 2016

Kicks and growing

I was growing bigger and rounder and as I prepare to enter my 3rd trimester I was starting to feel large and uncomfortable. Then I felt all those kicks. Bigger, harder, stronger, more frequent. And I just felt so happy. Every time I feel a kick I feel happy and connected and thankful. When I read to Frederick and Harriet, H asks me to pull up my shirt so they can snuggle me and my belly. We snuggle together, already 4, and they play or laugh or yell or cry or fight or talk or sing and the babe in my tummy jumps and kicks and plays too. Ah this is going to be good. (Hard yes I'm sure!!! But so good.)

This is outside the library after story time. It's a little chilly today and overcast but still no coats and I'm wearing short sleeves. They were whispering and planning a play together in which they made me spin and jump and spin and jump and stop. 

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