June 14, 2016

That's that.

My love expanded to make plenty of room for my darling, Ella, and then it deepened my love for Frederick and Harriet. And every emotion intensified for Collin. These days are spent mostly at our home, in bed or on the couch while the kids play and I nurse, with a chaotic world of mess growing around me and my tolerance for it growing and mastering my ability to block out the stress, remembering these messes won't be for forever and how quickly this is all going by. The days are also spent outdoors in our beautiful yard, across the street on the Capitol lawn, and around our block on many short and a few long barefoot walks. We have ventured out to the library once and the park a couple of times but that has proven mostly too much for me just yet. I prefer to go out with Collin. I have learn a lot from failures, however; and I have gotten better at planning for every situation. At home we leave our front door open while we are in the front room, welcoming any passer by to come and say hello, and they do, often. The weather is warm and beautiful. There were a couple of very hot days where no a/c was a bit horrid, but fans made it bearable and cooler weather came again. I adore the green and fullness all around me. The roses have come and are now going. My little family has bloomed and is now settling into life as we now know it. There is so much that the future promises. It's hard to know and let go while also being so hopeful and excited for change. I love our neighborhood and neighbors. 

First bath since birth! 3 weeks old. 

Everyone joined us. No privacy, right Ella?!

He loves her. He always wants to hold her and rock her. He calls her "Big eyes." 

First venture out on my own was to the library. Super fun and super hard. Listening charts were started in our house. When they fill up a line of listening, they get to go somewhere or do something fun. 

Mostly it's just us at home these days. Or outside on the yard. We need and want a fenced in backyard. 

But we love where we live. So so so much. 

Many many have brought food and gifts. So so sweet. Will never be forgotten. 

Went down to Provo to see the play, Charlotte's Web. 

They loved it. Freddie was totally glued. Hattie laughed and enjoyed and got bored and sang let it go. Ella nursed and then fell asleep. The kids got to meet the actors afterwards. So fun. They answered ever question F and H had, like, "Why did you die, Charlotte?" And "Templeton, why are you a rat?"
Freddie told Wilbur his favorite part was that he was a pig. 

Loved spending time with Katie, Miriam, Cam and their kids. Freddie and Hattie LOVED playing with Ruby and Ivory. So sweet. Said they would be friends forever and ever and would never forget each other. Looks like we really need to make a trip to Oregon to visit them. 

She is so cute in her car seat. Growing into it a little bit. 

Met Elsa yesterday. Hattie ALMOST FAINTED. 

HAT had just given her a big hug too. 

Love this temple. Loved hanging out with David too. 

Fun ice cream place. 

We had a date last night and went and did all our grocery shopping. Ella was an angel of course. 

Beautiful girl. First and last time she will wear this cute dress. Getting big. So sad to see her outgrow clothes even though I know it's good that she's growing--and she is! Today was her 1 month dr appointment and she has gained 2 pounds since birth (plus the half a pound she lost right after birth!)

Bubbles and a walk w my first born 
So pretty. Walks are my favorite thing ever. But I have to cut it out by order of the midwife. There will be plenty of time for that but my body is showing signs of overworking and over doing. I shouldn't be taking the kids to the park or library. I need to take care so that I can heal completely and be everything I need to be. I know it's so true. I feel it. I'm going to work really hard at staying in bed for the next two weeks. More time for cuddling, reading, sleeping, nursing, singing, story-telling. 
And then we will go back to liberty park-our favorite place everrrrrr!!!

So cozy in the blanket sweet Morgan made her. 

This girl loves to make things with her hands. We will do more of this. 

Flying kites in the rain for FHE. Thanks Ian and Ashley fam for the awesome kites!!!!
So happy. I love our neighborhood. 

This morning she was playing with all the tomatoes and potatoes and chargers. I overheard her, "babies, you'll be fine; you'll be fine. We are just going on a date. We'll be back."

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  1. I love your neighborhood too. And Liberty Park. Man, I miss living within walking distance of it! The 7 Canyons area is awesome! And I love Hattie at the end with the potatoes, tomatoes and chargers - sounds like something Harp would say. Such funny little dears.