June 20, 2016

To my dad

You taught me to laugh. You taught me humor and silliness. You taught me to be fun and jump out and scare people. You taught me to venture outside of myself and not be shy. You taught me to be a little wild at times and to embrace new things and people. You showed me generosity and love and acceptance.  Showed me how to bring people to my home and sit with them, talk to them, ask them about themselves and make them feel special. 
You taught me to drive. Took me out to pecos road when it was mostly dust, and you told me to stay in the lines and not to have a leadfoot. You told me to reverse as little as possible in a parking lot and the never rely on my mirrors. 
You taught me to ride roller coasters and eat good food and love camping and nature. I have a deep deep love of nature and the quiet peace in the trees and the wind and blue skies and soft grass. You taught me to love my family--protect them and teach them things. You taught me about traditions and making things special and how fast it all goes. 
You shared your stories; you still have so many more to share. You told me how you know that God exists and that you know about Joseph Smith and about family and that the temple is the only goal. 
You taught me to do instead of ask; to stick up for myself and to share my opinion and to be strong and be who I am. 
Love you, Dad. 

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