August 12, 2016

Me right now

Having a rough time w my Hattie. Her tantrums are hard. She fights me with everything. She won't go to bed or stay in her room. She is so aware and remembers our qualms and is hurt by them. I feel I'm screwing up so badly w our relationship. Ella is sick/congested/gassy and won't stop crying and moving around in her sleep. And so tonight I missed Freddie's tball game to take care of them and it crushed him that I wasnt there. He loves tball even more that soccer it looks like. Just a discouraging evening. And so so so many changes coming. I should be excited but I feel nervous and down. Collin is so far away and life feels so overwhelming. I need to simplify and figure out what everyone needs somehow. 

Ever have a day like this???????

It will be ok. Turning to the scriptures and Ensign now. And looking at these pictures helps some hurt melt away. 

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