August 3, 2016

Growing babes.

Hattie in her personal prayer tonight: "thank you for our new friends and bless them. And bless that we don't have to leave next time and we can stay together with them forever and ever."

And Freddie let me know that tonight after he read his verse [of scripture] he got frustrated and thought in his head that he wanted to hit Hattie two times but he stopped and thought, "no, I'm not going to do that, I'm going to use my words instead." 
He went on to tell me that when I get frustrated I can do the same thing. I love him. Love his wisdom. 

These happened tonight as we all laid in their bed before sleep. Bedtime can seem never ending and stressful sometimes but it can also be my favorite time with them. I love our pillow talk. Love my bubs. Ella, you're adorable. 

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