January 24, 2010

Carcassonne and two decks of cards

We've been in our new place for a weekend, and things are going well!! Church today was a very good experience. It has been hard to be away from our good friends in Provo, so we're so grateful to feel so welcomed and loved. New people are little more scarce around here, so right away a lot of people came up and introduced themselves. Everyone has been so friendly; I stopped writing in my journal about all the people we were meeting because there were too many!--And all different ages and types of people too. We already have some dinner invites this week! We met with the Bishop right away, and he's eager to put us to work! I have this strange feeling I'll be put into Primary--hehe--so I'll enjoy Relief Society while I can, heheheh. (I've been in nursery for the past 6 months and've LOVED it, but am excited to be in R.S.!!)
THE COOLEST THING is that we meet in the Stake Center NEXT to the temple!!!! It's amazing! We went to Choir Practice and it is held in the Visitor's Center! Wow, so spoiled. We thought we would never get to go to a temple as often and we did in Provo again, but we were wrong!!

Here is the outside of our new place. There are 7 other apartments. We have a two bedroom, a balcony with a beautiful view, and plenty of space for a wicked dance party. Now we need some friends!
We're excited about a Gas Stove!!!

Here's the view from the Balcony. There are picnic tables and little grills. We can't wait till Spring and Summer when everything turns green! We also have a pool RIGHT outside of our door! With a DIVING BOARD!
Dancin with my se-elf.

I always have a hard time figuring out how to introduce myself in a new place. My name is Nicole, and I've gone by it at work and school my whole life, but my family calls me Nikki. People always ask, "What do you like to be called?" and I never have a preference. So I decided: I'm going to be "Nikki" in this ward. Today people kept thinking my name was "Micky," and I figured out that it was because I was saying, "I'M Nikki." Get it? Confusing.

The job hunt is still on for both of us. But we've gotten tons of leads and we're working hard. Yesterday we walked all around town applying. It's a beautiful walk and adventure everywhere we go. We went grocery shopping, and honestly, it's NOT that bad of prices. We were prepared to pay crazy amounts. Our local store, McGruger's, is adorable!
Our stuff is STILL IS NOT HERE!!!!!! That is ALL I'm going to say about that. It stinks, but it's not that bad...hey...we survived in Africa for a month. We can do -no pots or pans- for a few more days. :) Love you all, and I'm especially in love with Collin H. Smith----Nicole E Money
Cutest, Bluest & Tiniest little house ever.


  1. I LOVE LOVE reading yours and Collin's post's! You guys are great at writing and I feel like I'm a part of your life. I think your life is so neat and fun right now. Your apartment looks amazing from that picture of Collin in it and it will be SO fun to move your stuff in. I can't believe it hasn't gotten there yet! 2 bedrooms must feel so big also! Glad you are so happy...LOVE YOU!

  2. What an adventure! The east coast is so beautiful and you must feel like the world is your oyster. My husband went to law school at GW so I'll ask him if he has any DC contacts. Best wishes for you two. I know it is a serious test of faith to uproot and move across country but I don't worry about you guys (even though I havent formally met you Nicole, I feel like I know you...oh and I am so glad u are blogging) you guys are both so capable I am sure you will take DC even better than Kourtney and Klhoe took Miami ;-) love to both of you.

  3. I love your new apartment! We miss you guys so much, and haven't really played any games since you left. :( I am glad you like your new ward, and that everyone is being nice to you! All these beautiful pictures are making me hope even harder that we end up in DC!