January 19, 2010

New days, new

I can't believe that people drive down the freeway every single day and see the temple like this! I can't wait to go inside.
DC is beautiful.

NASA in Greenbelt, MD

Some of the stuff was cheesy and broken, but
some of it was aweeeesome. This is where we learned about
Jupiter. It felt like we were in space and it FREAKED me OUT!!!

We found a place to live!
Rockville, MD and Collin has a
couple of interviews this week.
Life is exciting, but I miss Provo
friends a lot. It's hard to think of making
new friends. I think I can do it though.
I'm just so glad I'm with my best
buddy, Smith.


  1. i didn't know you had a blog!!!!!!!!!!! serendipity. :) i LOVE all your new life photos. what an ADVENTURE. the spontaneous unknown will always lead to positive experiences. i am so happy you and your hubbster can do this now! so fun! :) love you missy!

  2. outer space is awesome.

    maryland looks fun, and pretty.