January 19, 2010

thoughts -Nikki

I'm not very good at the blogging part of this....But I'll try harder.
So I've decided to never listen to anyone ever again. Collin and I wanted to move to downtown DC and everyone told us it would be way too expensive and wayyyyy too dangerous so we've looked and looked in all the surrounding areas. Guess what, folks, everywhere else is just as expensive and just as dangerous. And now we have no car! Don't get me wrong; I'm excited about living in Rockville,
but sister, I'm ready for the city life!
I've started school back up--online. It's pretty great so far. I love being a student. I love that people don't believe I'm over 24. I love cap'n crunch.
Our stuff should arrive..ooohhhh "sometime after Thursday," and I can't wait to feel like I've really moved across the country. It's time to go watch WAIT UNTIL DARK, Audrey Hepburn. I'll let you know how it comes out.

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