January 20, 2010

Montgomery County

We woke up and took the orange line on the metro down to DC and then got on the red line to go to Rockville. When we move in on Friday, we'll live about a mile and a half from the metro station. We walked around the main down town area applying for jobs. It was so cute. I really want to work at the front desk of the aveda salon. Or at the ice cream/candy store.
We visited the library and got accounts! I'm so excited to live there. It's a very cute little place, and seems so east coasty, if you know what I mean. Pictures will be coming. Today our camera died just as we got there. I love all the interesting characters here. And everyone is so nice!!! People that you stereotypically would not go up to and talk to you on the street just walk by and smile and say, "hello!" I love it!
You know, I do miss the mountains though. Send me mountains!

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  1. Nikki!! I'm so excited that you are up and running on your blog! I love it and reading about your adventures...LOVE YOU!