January 29, 2010

Family Portrait

Yesterday (Friday) was absolutely the most FREEZING day I've had in a while. It was about 20 degrees, but what really gets you is the WIND. The face-cutting wind that gets into any little crack in your clothing and freezes your whole body and even your scalp! The worst thing is that we had to walk 20 minutes home in it! Haha, what a day. We were both dying but then sweet Collin starts singing, "Come, Come Ye Saints." I hummed along. Then we sang Hymns and primary songs for the rest of the walk. It might sound cheesy, but honestly, it made it not so bad. I'm grateful for all my blessings! Collin gave me his gloves because he loves me. What a wonderful man I've married. The job hunt is still on, but going well!

We finally got to start enjoying being in this amazing city! Collin had a lunch meeting downtown and when that was over we spent the rest of our afternoon and evening visiting galleries and monuments. This is our favorite thing ever and our NEW LIFE.

The Metro is SO EXPENSIVE compared to other cities we've each lived in where this was our transportation. But what choice do we have? "Just put the money into the machine and don't think about it." We love it though. We mostly walk, but it's a bus ride and 30 mins on the Red line to get into the city.

First we went to the Washington Monument. I have this memory of climbing up the stairs when I was little, but this time we took an elevator up the 500 stories. It was such an amazing view! And we saw the temple in the far distance. It was beautiful.
These girls were talking to each other and were like, "What is THAT out there??" I saw it and gasped, "The Temple!!!" One asked, "Of What?" I got really excited and said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!!!!" We told them we had just been to it and that they should go whenever they get a chance. It was awesome!!!!

Then to the American History Museum. EVERYTHING is free in the city! ALL the monuments and museums!! So one by one, we'll see everything! And then when friends and family come to visit, we'll know the best things to show them for their individual taste!
We saw THE Star-Spangled Banner, the GIANT flag that flew and that inspired America's National Anthem. Being here in DC with all the history etc is really bringing out the patriotism in me. It's all pretty incredible.

THIS KITCHEN WAS OUR FAVORITE THING EVER! It's Julia Child's ACTUAL Kitchen from when she was living in Cambridge! I love her colors and all the awesome kitchen gadgets. I seriously want those green drawers down on the right.
Everyone rent: Julie & Julia. I think Julie was a self-absorbed fame whore, but I love Julia's story, the great love between her and her husband, and her love of food and cooking. She makes me want to be more confident, and a better wife and person.

We saw a lot more in the American History museum including the inaguration gowns of all the first ladies, AND Kermit the Frog. REALLY HIM. In a glass case! It was so weird because to me, he actually lived and breathed. Strange seeing him like that...as a puppet.

Then to the Natural History Museum. Okay, I love museums, I thought all museums, but Natural History Museums are my VERY least favorite. thing. ever. Something about stuffed every species and bugs and bats not living. yuck. I like the zoo though---except for the bugs and snakes and gross stuff....
Okay, here comes my cynical skepticism. I don't believe in Dinosaurs. I DON'T. What proof is there? They say these bones, but I've never seen any. Everything I have seen always says it's a cast of the original, or has a made in china sticker on the side. And where does it REALLY fit in with Heavenly Father's plan? Great beasts in the bible? That could be elephants or any number of things. Now elephants I've seen. Not that I've seen the moon, but man, Dinosaurs? I just don't buy it. Sorry. And hey, if we get to the other side and I'm wrong, I'll admit it. But for now, no way.

That's enough museum talk for now. Plus my camera just died so I can't upload any more photos. I'll do part 2 later: The National Art Gallery and National Portrait Gallery.

It's snowing and I'm in a Silent film as I watch out the window and listen to Rachel's, Music for Egon Schiele.


  1. How exciting that Colin and you get to do all these fun and exciting things! Good luck on the continuing job search! It will all work out in the end.

  2. ahhhh julia child's kitchen!!!!! SO COOL!