February 3, 2010

Classy lady and Husband of

I've joined the D.A.R. Daughters of the American Revolution.
Okay, this didn't exactly come about just by moving to DC. My mom is an American Patriot through and through and has been trying to get me in for years. You have to have substantial evidence of a BLOOD relative who fought in the American Revolution, and my mom finally found Benjamin Conger, from New Jersey, through my father's line. PHEW. Mom is still working on getting herself in. So since I'm getting inducted in this weekend, and the National Headquarters and museum are here in the city, Collin and I thought we'd check it out. It was actally really amazing! These women have devoted their lives to Eduation, Historical Preservation, Patriotism, and service! I'm getting pretty excited about the Continental Congress this July. You get to dress up in formal gowns and be Fancy. Lorelai would think I'm lame, but Rory, you'd understand wouldn't you? Collin gets to be a HODAR Husbands of the D.A.R. Hehe.

Another fun day of being an American. Here's me in front of the White house. It is smaller than I thought, but it's awesome. Hi Obama daughters.

This is the awesome scary building Collin had a meeting in. U.S. Commerce.

IN EVEN BETTER NEWS: We've bought 3 colors of paint and've started painting our place!!!!! We eat, sleep and pee paint. Seriously.

Never wasting time.


  1. wow. you are incredibly, marvelously, beautifully, AMERICAN. i love it!!!! you're a DAR!!!! ;) Can't wait to hear about the induction.

  2. Your life is fun!! Love your posts!!