February 13, 2010

For Valentine's Day:

I Love...

I Love Collin Smith, first of all. He's good-looking & funny; he works hard to take care of me; he loves to serve others; and he'll play games and watch movies with me all day while we're stuck in a snow storm.

I Love kitties. They are just so cute. I love that sweet pur and fuzzy face snuggling up to me. Sneek is one friend that knows all of my secrets.

I Love my Heavenly Father, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Atonement, my Savior, the Temple, and reading the scriptures every morning--first thing when I get up. It's the reason I'm graduating, I swear.

I Love going to church! Especially Relief Society! I havent been in over two weeks! I'm hoping the skies stay blue so we can go this week!!!!

I Love Grammar! Semicolons, Adjective Compliments, Gerunds & Interjections--I love them all! And I love editing anything you could give me.

I Love my dear friends who make sure I'm okay, give advice & listen to me talk forever on their voice mails!!!!!

I Love my family--Sandy Money, Alan Money & Joseph Money in Phoenix (Joe plays an important basketball game today against Wilkenson! Go Joe!!), AJ at BYU-one of my very best friends, David on his mission in Santo Domingo-I pray for him at every SINGLE prayer. I love him so much!

I Love the best inlaws ever! The Smiths! From movies and TV I always learned that you're not supposed to get along with your inlaws, but I have the sweetest, most excepting, caring, and FUN ones ever. I miss them.

I Love my cousins, Aunts, Uncles! I love my family, and anyone who marries into it.

I LOVE PLAYING BOARD GAMES! Eating! Baking! Making collages! Typing on my type-writers, and furthermore, writing letters!

I Love Nature, outdoors, the SUN, pretty flowers, and Arizona sunsets.

And.....I Love our new home. Even with all the snow, I'm really loving this place. I can't wait for warmer weather...but that means humidity and super high electricity bills, doesn't it! Oh well, I still Love it.

What do you Love??


  1. I love your pictures and most of your comments are great. I am always amazed to be singled out in any way and it was surprisingly sweet and exciting to be lauded as good in-laws.
    We adore you, our daughter-in-law, for your beauty, originality, creativity, dedication to the Lord and His church; your drive, talents and skills; your love of adventure; your acceptance of and interest in the family you have married into and most especially for your love of Collin. I could go on but it could get embarrassing.
    The other thing I wanted to comment on is that I do not and never have believed in dinosaurs! I never talk about it but I stand with you in your disbelief!!
    I hope you got your valentine from me and Ken but if not when you get it soon that you'll like it.
    We are trying to be very virtuous and trying not to spend any money so we'll have some extra fun money when we visit with you in March.
    We are counting the days! 25 days until we drive out of our driveway.
    We'll see you then.
    By the way, I'd like to write a sparkle paper or some such thing about people buying and driving small (and I mean midget) cars for the purpose of saving our environment. I have something important to say that should be considered.
    I love you both so much.

  2. i love your love list!!! i love many things, but i'll add an abbreviated list here for you :)

    i love:

    philosophic chats
    people who are generous
    soft sheets
    ceiling fans
    a good set of pots and pans
    the perfect salad
    5 gum, rain flavor
    high heels
    ethnic food
    sugar cookies
    open spaces
    east coast homes
    love stories

    i could go on, and on and on.....

    thank you for helping me remember what i love. xoxoxoxo
    LOVE YOU!!!!