February 24, 2010

Bball Kings

This is my little brother, Joe. He's the coolest kid I know and my best friend next to Collin. He's going to be 12 this year and will recieve the Aronic Priesthood and enter the Temple. This is such an important time for him!!! It's crazy that he's a real human now and not just my buddy baby brother. He's a great example to me and I MISS him constantly.

Poor Joe got a bloody nose.

Mini Suns. I'm so proud.

NO. 1!

Undefeated 5th-6th grade East-West Valley State Champions.
Our dad is the coach and they got to work hard and have
a great time together.

My Mom's pretty ranunculus.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO JOE!!!! what studs in their suns'esque uniforms. Those flowers are DELICIOUS. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Wow, I can't believe he's 12! I remember when your mom was pregnant with him, when we first moved to AZ!