February 9, 2010


Have you heard?????????????? THERE'S BEEN A HUGE BLIZZARD IN DC!!!!!!

We're surviving. :) Actually it has been pretty fun. Everything in the city has shut down because no one can get their cars out of the driveway and the metro can't run above ground.

It was pretty crazy! Last weekend, as the storm was hitting, we stopped by the grocery store for a couple of things. There was NOTHING there! The shelves were mostly barren. No milk! No Eggs! No chicken!!! No tomatoes!!!!!! The place was a madhouse. Kind of scary to think this was just a snow storm. What will "the end" be like? Don't you worry though, we had enough food and were able to get stuff from our farmer's market on Saturday.

Sunday, church was cancelled again, of course, so we had a mini church. Then we went on a big walk. The sun was out; the sky was blue; we had so much fun, but it was still FREEZING! The wind goes like 15-20 mph and cuts your face into bloody pieces. Phew.

Other than snow walks, we've been watching lost of movies and the Bachelor and LOST on hulu. We haven't seen the B this week yet, but Jake! Get rid of ALLY!!! YUCK! LOST is the greatest show ever to air on Television. Period. End of Story. That first episode last week had me SCREAMING with fear the whole time. I LOVE IT!

ALSO: I got a job! Daniel from Jouvence Aveda called me about the application I turned in a couple of weeks ago. He invited me to talk today, and apparently he liked me because I start training on Saturday! I'm kind of nervous, but really excited for free hair cuts, manicures, products, and MONEY, woo. It should be fun. ???? I hope. I don't die.

PS. Daniel is the President and is from Paris. He is awesome. So suave. So intimidating. I told him my husband served a mission in Paris and that they'll have to speak French together sometime. He laughed at that. He also laughed when I told him my hobbies were documenting, being with friends, and playing board games. Not sure if laughs are good or bad. Ha!

We're getting 10 inches or more right now. I say, BRING IT ON! BUT! Please let me go to church this Sunday! I really really miss it.

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  1. Parisians love to hear how much you loooove their city. Just tell him his home is beautiful, and that someday you would like to sit and drink the hot chocolate at Angelina's. He will love that you know about Angelina's. Their hot chocolate is as thick as melted candy bars.... CONGRATS on your job!!! YAY!!!