April 3, 2010

29 and plenty to go

Collin had a birthday! What a cute guy.

I made him a Marble Rice Crispie Treat Cake, and we went to this delicious French restaurant for dinner. It was so romantic and so good.

I love this best friend guy.

Collin's family came to visit and we've been having fun all week! They leave tomorrow and I'm so sad to get back to the real world. Happy Conference and Happy Easter, everyone!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Smith! You two are so cute.

  2. Happy Birthday/Easter/Conference weekend to you too! I love your hair Nikki!

  3. Happy birthday, Collin! And Nikki, I just love your hair, too!

  4. You guys have the most fun-filled adventurous life :)

    so cute!