June 17, 2010

Back on the hunt

So friends, just to let you know, Collin is back on the job hunt. He was let go because the small company he was working for could no longer fund his position.

But it really is a blessing. Overall, he wasn't happy there; it wasn't a good fit.

But let me tell ya, it was a shock for both of us, and humbling! He called while I was at work. He told me and my first thought was, "good thing we have our savings." Then I felt immediate calm and peace, knowledge that we'll be okay. Never once have I felt fear or anything negative--miracle in-of itself, right?

Honestly, I'm so grateful for the Prophet's guidance and the commandment to have a savings and food storage. :) But don't worry about us; we'll be juuuuust fine! He will be paid through the next few weeks, I still have my job, and he is already on with some temp agencies.

Collin and I have both learned so much from this experience...(& I'm positive there's quite a lot of learning left to go). He needs to be involved in something creative, and have ownership in his work. AND not have a 2.5 hour commute, thank GOODNESS that is over!!

Basically, we are happy; we know this is Heavenly Father's plan for us; we know there is something better out there for Collin, and we look at this as yet another ADVENTURE!

Collin, I love you my best friend, darling, husband, lover, hardest-worker, creative, interesting, wonderful, amazing man.


  1. Great attitude! I'm sure things will work out, as you said. With two wonderful, creative, talented, happy people like yourselves, I cannot possibly see how the Lord could resist blessing you! No way! Enjoy the journey and let us know if you ever need to bum dinner off of us! ;) You know WE'D love it!

  2. Being out of work can be a trying time if you have the wrong attitude. GOOD THING you're always positive, eternally minded, and supportive of your hubbs. You are lucky to have each other!!! I look back with such love at the hardest experiences of my life when I was unemployed. It seems funny to say that.... But I was so humbled, so reliant upon the Lord and faith. I truly had the time and open heart to feel my Savior's love.... The craziness of life sometime blocks that out during each of our whirlwind days. I'm happy that you'll find something better suited to what you want in life. Something with out a horrible commute like that!!! My prayers are with you. Come what may, and love it! :) Love you sweet girl.