June 21, 2010


5+ months later we've finally unpacked the last box and unwrapped the last picture. It was kind of awesome to see them all laid out on the ground. PLUS we have about 6 large framed pictures/pieces of art. Lots of stuff to hang! We hope to get it and everything done before my family gets here next Wednesday the 30th.

NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Mom, Dad, Joe, AJ! (David, Sneek and Mickey in spirit)

Friday night we BBQed in the backyard with neighbors, Tais & Rob.

This IS the best burger I've EVER EVER EVER HAD. Every part of it contributed to the deliciousness.
s'mores by coals? not so great.

We finished the night with CLUE! I WON!

Next morning, BRIGHT & EARLY! We celebrated the Washington DC Stake 70th Anniversary by cleaning up the National Mall. I started off the morning by stepping in vomit at the metro, but by 1pm, we were eating apples and heath bars, mmmmm.
Simply Limeade and Raspberry Lemonade popsicles. TO DIE FOR!

Alright! I'm off to GIRL'S CAMP tomorrow! I'm exited/nervous as I LOVED Girl's Camp growing up and went all 6 years but also seeing as how that was LONG LONG AGO, in a galaxy FAR FAR away. Wish me luck! I'll miss you Smith! You and those runnin' dreams.


  1. aw man. now i have to eat something.

    i love simply lemonade :) YUM!

    I just bought 10 picture frames from ikea and I have failed to hang up any of our frames or pictures that we already own. haha

  2. You guys are so awesome!!! We miss you guys and wish that we could have hung out more =) Love your blog Nicole!! =)

    ashlie fernandez