June 7, 2010

Family Home Evening in the Park

There's a deer in the outfield...

We met after work and walked to the park that's on our way home. We had a great family home evening on the bleachers with left over pizza, and a discussion about the sacrament. We both agreed that because it happens every week, it can become repetitive and habit. I want to try this next week to literally just ponder the Savior, his sacrifice, and repentance during that time and see what happens. We also think we don't want to have our children take it until they are eight and baptized, never just saying, "no," or being negative about it, but always explaining that it is something to look forward to after baptism.

We both recognize that without the Savior we cannot change. We need him, in every possible way.

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  1. How special to have FHE in the park. You guys do the most creative things! I gave a talk about sacrament in sacrament! You mentioned a lot of what I elaborated on! :)