June 9, 2010

Good Wednesday

Happy 27th Birthday to my best friend of 14 years now, Jayna Brugman Hedges. I love you!!!

This morning while buying my tickets for the train.....

A little boy whose mother was also buying a ticket said to me,
"I'm little."
Then, "I'm bigger than a baby."
To me: "You're wayyyy bigger than a baby."
"Do you have a baby?"
"Is he in your stomach?"
"It he in the car?"
Nope, I don't have a baby.

Then waiting for the train, he came and sat next to me. He wanted to listen to my ipod. I was listening to Wait, Wait, don't tell me. He didn't like it and asked me to change it to something else. I changed it to Joseph Money's playlist and put on PIZZA DAY, by the Aquabats. He really liked the beginning, and kept asking me to start it over.

The train came, and he asked me if I was coming with them. We had to sit apart and he just started talking to all those people around them about their ipods and phones.

So worth getting up early today.
I went to the Ted Gibson salon so that my friend could use my hair for class. A master stylist, Neven, was teaching her and told me, "Nice color." Hehe. Then I window shopped at Tiffanys and sang Moon River in my head.

We visited the new location of Hela, a top medical spa that teamed with Ted Gibson to create a flagship location at The Collection aboveJimmy Choo and between Gucci and Ralph Lauren. Here European celebrity hairstylist Neven adds a bit of flavor to a great color; he's headed to New York in February for Fashion Week. Our reporter got a fantastic facial from Leslie Dolchin, but we decided not to show you her face covered in mud.


  1. oh how sweet. made me smile. :) cute blog!

  2. Thanks Nikki, you are so sweet! I was so surprised to see your little shout out for my bday! haha. Made me feel special. So what did Neven do to your hair?? I want to see! He looks like a suave guy! FUN!