June 6, 2010

This weekend ended up excellently.

Just a few highlights.....

Great time with Bollywood Karaoke Friday night. Oh man, it was so fun!!! Collin was the star of the show. This is him with the owner's wife! Then I sang The Boy is Mine. Please come visit us in DC and we'll go there together!!!
Grilled zucchini fries! Yum!!!

We went to our friend's house for dinner Saturday night and this is their ADORABLE puppy! His tongue is too long to stay in his mouth, so it is ALWAYS out! hahahahahahh!
The sky was electric.
We met up with Ashley Johnson in Dupont Circle. We went to one of our favorite bookstores and cafes to get nachos, wings, and laugh at the awesome awkward family photos book.

Okay, this is a house, and I really want it. Those windows are ridiculous.

Sunday afternoon snack after breaking our fast. Today we thought of my friend, Tiffany, who is recovering from a minor surgery, my brother, Elder David Money, who has a crazy skin parasite called "Panyo," and a few other things.

We also had a wonderful trip to the temple Saturday afternoon.

I have had a few special experiences this week and weekend. I am confident that my Heavenly Father is personally aware of me and my needs. He has answered my very specific prayers through the scriptures and through the spirit. For that and for my eternal marriage, I am so grateful.

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