June 2, 2013

Katie+Alani FOREVER!!!!!!!!

June 1st was a very hot day. But it was a beautiful day--a good day for a wedding in phx in summer because it was the last day under 106 that we will see till November. Insane. 

But anyway, we went to our good friends' wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! The flowers, the food, the people (this is one good looking couple), the love!! The family!! The dancing. The cake! The chocolate pie!!!!!!! Everything so good. 

Yahoo Katie and Alani Tufi!!!!
This kid was a dancing fool!!!

Super touching toasts by family members. 
I love the woman above so much, Katie's sister, Amy. 

Fred was obsessed!! He kept covering his mouth in disbelieve at her beauty and would run up and want to be held by her!! The princess!!!

AMAZING Tongan dancers! Fred was dancing w them and pointing to their hips moving like crazy hahaha! Then he kept helping pick up money and give it to the bride and groom. (Where does he gets his outgoing ness from????? Duh Collin.)

Katie's sidekick during the bouquet toss. 

Then Kelly's BEST BUDDY during cake time. He ate half of her chocolate pie!!!

Awesome moment when we were taking a picture and Fred dropped his full glass of water on us. 

BON VOYAGE!!! Such a fun night!! Congrats love birds!!


  1. "duh collin." my favorite line from this post.

  2. I love you so much. You, Collin, Freddie..... You are honestly some of my favorite people... Everytime I see you, I ask myself why we don't hang out more! We live so close to each other! I missed you so much when you were in UT and now you're practically my neighbor! Now that I'm "free" from a daily schedule, please let me know when is best to meet up! I miss hanging out and laughing with you!! Thank you so much for being there for Katie's wedding.... For sharing your beautiful photos... For having the most beautiful, funny, outgoing little boy ever! I love watching what he gets into! It's always amazing! xoxoxoxo!