June 20, 2013

Yes, pregnancy is hard. I forgot how hard! Or maybe this one is just a little more challenging having another child. But reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and all the positive (though many challenging) birth stories and thinking about my own birth with Freddie, and thinking about how "wow, I'm pregnant now!" And thinking of possible future pregnancies and births...just them alone without all the other hard stuff that comes w them...I love pregnancy and love birth! Call me crazy, but i's a miracle. It's amazing. I feel very blessed. I don't want to complain. At yoga today I learned modifications to help me be more gentle on my ever-changing body (I'm in a regular class-not prenatal so I can't do everything they do anymore.) And during one part we had to look up at our cupped arm over our heads and we were told that whatever thoughts we were thinking are reflected back to us so to make sure we are thinking positively and kindly. I usually do think negative things about myself; it sucks. but I was feeling so good that all of a sudden I found myself thinking all these awesome things. It was very empowering and gave me confidence and peace. I'm awesome. I feel good about my body. I make it to the gym 3-4 rimes a week. I love the little bean growing in there. My husband is awesome and funny and loves me so much!! My son is adorable. He tries my patience 100 times a day these days, but he is soooo funny and cute and he's teaching me to teach him and so much more. I love cats! And I have two of the cutest, sweetest, cuddliest, and most independent ever. 
Today I'm 16 weeks and ill have more patience, more fun, more gratitude as I wait and prepare for December. 


  1. You are too sweet, Nikki! So glad that you have those insightful moments where you love you and love your body! Good luck with pregnancy as your little one continues to grow! And as your other little one continues to explore life and grow as well!

  2. I agree about forgetting how hard pregnancy is. Geez, I think this one is harder though. Working full time while pregnant was easier than chasing Clark around everyday. I have been trying to add protein in my diet, which is making a big difference these past few weeks. I remember you posted that you are going to try and get 100 g of protein a day. How do you do it? I need some ideas! Congratulations again!