June 29, 2013

More summer

It's gotten to the point where we can't really go outside anymore besides swimming. Yesterday was 118 and some meters read 121. Photos are from the last couple of weeks.

Uncle Joseph's basketball team. They won!
My dads bday was the 18th. He's 53!
Family date night at the Phoenix Art Museum
We've been wanting to see this exhibit, The Art of Video Games for months now. It was cool to see all the different consoles but we were disappointed overall. It wasn't what they had or didn't have...it's how they presented it. There was one part where I felt like I was out of this world and in a video game and that kind of made it all worth it. Have you heard of or played the game, Flower, for PS3? It's incredibly beautiful.

Science guy at the library. Cool volcanoes!
Frederick helping mom and dad make a very delicious meal, walnut and rosemary encrusted salmon and a candied walnut, pear, goat cheese salad. Oh my gosh, the candied walnuts were the most delicious thing in the world!!! Recipes at my two favorite food blogs, Adventures in Cooking here and Mrs. Harding Cooks here.

A best friend's little sister was called to the Chesapeake, VA Spanish speaking mission. She reports to the Mexico City MTC in October. I'm so so excited for her!!

We did some sorting, cleaning and purging in Freddie's room. Man, how does one little kid aquire so much stuff?!

Pool time

I like this backpack for a diaper bag (at Target on clearance).
Too hot.

That one time when I left my phone at the library and went to track it on find my iPhone and someone had taken it home so I went to her house and got it back. Phew, nuts.....

This is his "smile!" face.

YW pool party!!

Chilling w the big kids.
Happy Popsicle face

Bball moves

I made him into a burrito; he hated it.

That one time when the laundry room was closed for repairs all week and was supposed to be open Friday but after after getting all the saved up L together, it still wasn't open....bummer.

Little ones

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