December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

It's been a week since the birth of our little Hattie girl. We fall more in love w her every day. Freddie loves loves loves "baby Hattie," and gets super hyper around her. He's learning to be gentle. He wants to hold her all the time. He comforts her. Freddie asks me to sing him the Baby Mine song all the time. Yesterday we were driving in the car and Hattie had started crying a little. Out of nowhere he held her hand and sang, "Baby mine don't you cry; lay your heart close to my heart, never a tear, baby a mine." Um. Collin and I definitely got all teared up. And then Fred tried to poke her eyeballs: "THEY're ON!!"
The jealousy has been minimal. It's crazy how much my love has grown for Fred too. He melts my heart. 
What a week! We were in the hospital for 3 days! It was exhausting!!!!!!! We were so so happy to get back home and be in our own comfy bed, with the kitties and Frederick. Collin has been taking great care of us. 

Anyway, Christmas Eve!!!! It was an interesting one this year. We were behind on Christmas stuff of course, so Collin and Freddie were out shopping all day. Hattie and I stayed home in bed, and I was a little bummed to be missing out, but it was good to rest up and spend alone time with my new little honey. 

We opened some gifts from a friend!

Watching movies

Monte the protector???? Faithful owl??

First family outing: to the park for some vitamin D and exercise. Freddie and Collin played on the playground while Hattie and I chilled out. It was so peaceful and wonderful!!

Family photo. Love them.

The Moneys came over

Awesome pjs from grandma. Freddie was the cutest monster ever!!!

Grandpa reading the Night Before Christmas to Freddie.

Then we all acted out the nativity. :)
Above: cute shepherd guy 
Below: Mary w baby Jesus

Another cute shepherd working on his barn.

Joseph (Joe) joining Mary

The three wise men: Quincy, Collin and David
My dad narrated and I was the angel ;) 

After our Christmas Eve traditions and lots of snacks, the moneys left and we four snuggled in for our long winter nap. Well the babes and I did. Daddy-o had a few more things to attend to...

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