December 6, 2013

Dates schmates!!

It's kind of weird going "over" the estimated due date. I've gotten a little anxious at times. But then I remember how strongly I believe it is just an estimation...and that it's normal for babies to come two weeks before that date to two weeks after. 
And thank goodness my only side effect is being tired...I feel great and I'm not swollen and I get to sleep tons during the day and take at least one bath a day thanks to my mom, friends and especially my husband taking such good care of Frederick and me. (Oh yeah...and thanks to Sesame Street too, ha!)

Collin got me a push gift of gorgeous alphabet notecards in gray and orange (colors I've been loving this time around for nursery, clothes, blankets, etc). His card mentioned that each day brings us closer to our new baby and growing family. I love that perspective!!! Each day is not taking us further from the due date and being "overdue," but each day brings us closer to the date my babe is ready to be born and our exciting new life together!!! Thank you Collin!!!! for not only supporting me, but for feeling strongly about these things and keeping me calm, helping me reframe any situation into a positive one, and for being on my side!
We are chill. This babe will come when he or she intends, it will be a beautiful, happy day, and you all will hear about it. Oh yes, you will. ;)

If you're interested, awesome facts on how labor gets started:

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  1. oh honey, of course it's an estimate! and of course each day just brings you closer to the day little babe will come meet you. but of course, it's hard to feel "late" when you already feel, um, less than comfortable.