December 13, 2013

Santa Claus is coming coming

We've been asking Freddie for months, "Freddie, is mommy going to have a baby??" He finally got wise and today answered, "nope." 

Haha! I promise Fred! He or she is coming soon! 

We are all doing well. If you wonder how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking, read this article:

And here are some photos of my love a doves. 

This is Fred's favorite Christmas song. He asks me to sing it over and over and takes a million pictures of it...

She keeps me company

He loves playing one-man football in his room. I have to get a video. It's sooooo cute. And he's so serious!!

Vacuuming the apt complex 

This dude has lots of ideas

Collin prepared this after church feast!! That's man is amazing.

I love Freddie's new church shirt.

Me, at 41 weeks, getting the bio phys tests. The baby did really well. Everything is healthy and good to keep waiting for natural labor to come.

Collin made me some tea.

Our christmas lights. I love them so much. Merry Christmas!

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