December 24, 2013

I have to say....

I LOVE having a daughter! Hattie is the sweetest, darlingest, most amazing baby girl I've ever known. I just hold her in my arms and stare and listen as she sleeps, jostles, coos, breathes, dreams, and makes the cutest peeping noises.

Andddddd I LOVE not being pregnant! Sorry to my dear dear pregnant friends! As you know, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm loving not to having that giant belly!!! I can turn around/twist! Be comfortable in the car! Take a shower and reach everything! Take a super super hot shower! Lay on my back! Clean out the cat litter (I know that doesn't sound awesome, but I like having it clean all day and not having to wait for CS to be home etc. 

Yesterday we all went to the doctor-

Hattie had her first pediatrician check up and first vaccine and is perfect. 

I had a follow up about my blood pressure w my dr (same as Hattie's) and it's high again so I'm going to be on medication---not the heavy crazy magnesium, thank goodness, but some other stuff that doesn't effect breastfeeding and the side effects are small. Ill take it for a month, then hopefully everything will going back to normal and I'll get off it. 

And poor sweet Freddie hurt his foot and had to go to the ER for x-rays. He was limping and screaming--scary and very unusual for him. But there were no breaks so he pretty much just has to take ibuprofen and let it heal. Bummer at Christmas time. 

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!! We definitely have had a very different year this year. We are behind on everything, but have a good excuse! Today we are just going to lay low! Make a cmas treat, watch a few movies, go to the park to enjoy sun, fresh air, and blankets in the grass. Tonight we will hang out w the money's at our place. 

Nursing--is going well. It's painful to have my milk come in, uncomfortable to be constantly leaking and smelling like milk bleh. I'm also enjoying it right away this time and know everything will regulate soon. It's a little tricky to figure out when to let Freddie nurse. Honestly, he's so easily distracted from it that he could probably do it much less, but I've been so engorged that sometimes I beg him to nurse to just empty a little. Phew. 

Fred holding Hattie. She was super thrilled. He loooooooves her. 

Barely fits in NB clothes.

Two in car seats. Fred held her hand and was so sweet when she was crying.

Two sleeping babes the pediatrician's office. 

Sooooo thirsty but stuck!!!


  1. okay. now there are TWO smiths i've never met. super bummed about this. but super happy for you guys! merry christmas!

    1. Ahhhhh man that's lame. I miss you! Merry Christmas!