December 17, 2013

Job 2

Job was a good man and had great integrity. Satan afflicted him with boils all over his body and he still remained faithful. His wife told him to curse God and be put out of his misery but he would not and ensured to the end. Then his friends came and comforted and mourned with him. This was mercy from God. 

Right now I am going through something hard...I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks for my baby to come. Everyday comes and goes with little or no progress. My faith has gone up and down, but God has never left me. He is there to comfort me whenever I turn to him in prayer. (Even after I have insane emotional breakdowns and say I'm giving up.) He sends my husband, parents, and friends, as angels, to mourn with me and comfort me. There are so many who call or text every day, wondering how I'm doing and if the baby is coming. Part of me has a hard time with the pressure it creates, but really I am so blessed to have so many who care and are thinking of me. :) I am continuously learning, repenting, growing, messing up, getting comfort and answers and everything all over again in this pregnancy. This baby has much to teach and add to our family. This is a very special little one.

I need to endure and have integrity. I need to have faith and patience. This will pass (it has to by Thursday!!) and we will have our new child and everything will be different and I'll have many many more lessons to learn. I can do it with God's help, with Collin, the Savior's atonement and the Holy Ghost. 

Family date night: five guys and Christmas lights..

Frederick LOVED this insane house because it had all his favorite Disney characters (and he recognized and called out all their names!)  He especially loved the Mary-go-round in the middle and still talks about the "round and round" with Mickey and ducky in it. Hahaha. 

My good friend, Jasmin, is getting married this month!!!!! There was a little bachelorette party for her the other night. (I went to dinner but had to miss all the super fun parts..karaoke! Dancing!) it was sonfun to see all these amazing people and catch up after a long time. 

Fred and Collin had their own date. 

Colostrum. Pumping for n stimulation/to bring surges closer together. This is how much I got after an hour!


My angel. (One of em ;)


  1. Good luck! You are amazing. You are doing amazingly well! My birthday is on Thursday- so that would be a great day! :)

  2. love you! no pressure. just know i'm thinking of you and your dear family!