February 22, 2014

Freddie said......

Fred: I can kick Hattie? 
Me: absolutely not!
Fred: absolutely sure?

(In sacrament meeting) 
Fred: Where's daddy o? 
Me: right there
Fred: (loudly) He's in the potty!

(Feeling under his hair in front)

He begins his prayers with, "thank you for da father."

Fred: where is daddy O?
Me: at work
Fred: he's workin' in the shop

Fred: (playing in the dirt) I'm working at my job. In the dirt. 

Fred: (in crazy monster voice) WE HAVE NO CHEESE!!!!!

Fred: I LOVE milky, mommy.

Fred: I LOVE the rain!! (It rained all day Saturday!!--one of just a few times in the year.)

"I'm so happy, mommy!!!!" (In the photo below because I said he could help me make eggs.)

Fred: I'm a Ho-Ho-Ho!! (Photo below)


  1. YES! it begins! ollie, too, is just starting to give us some gems. isn't little freddie great?! (as if you didn't already know that.)

  2. Hehehhe your posts on what Rhett says inspired this. I has to document. I can't wait to hear more Ollie talk. Toddlers are so great! (And drive me nuts all at once!!)