February 9, 2014

Ward conference touched my heart

My Bishop quoted the scripture, Mosiah 2:4, "consider on the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God." The spirit asks for a mighty change of heart. Bishop counseled us to not judge ourselves so harshly and said that we are commanded to be perfect, but will never accomplish this in this life. We are human. We will progress greatly in the next life. He said we are doing better than we think. What an answer to prayers from yesterday. 

He also said: 
Not to compare ourselves to others. We often compare our weakest weaknesses with others' greatest strengths. This leads to envy. If others are blessed and successful at certain things, be happy for them and move on. I have been blessed in my own ways. 

He recounted President Gordon B Hinckley's counsel in April 2000 to be better husbands and wives; to restrain criticisms and be generous with compliments; as mothers and fathers to treat my children with love and respect and encourage them; as sons and daughters to be respectful and obedient to my parents; and as children of God to meditate daily on how I can be a better example of Christ. 

I was in a really bad mood this morning because...well I won't go into it. But I was upset and felt justified but also knew I was being ridiculous. Collin was patient with me. Freddie was crying most of the morning. Hattie needed to eat. I was mad. But hearing these kind, encouraging, loving, encouraging words from my bishop gave me the humility and confidence I needed to recognize my blessings and change my negativity to positivity. I'm grateful to be listening from the mothers lounge while nursing my daughter and for Collin who is with Freddie in the Chapel. I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father's love. He knows me. 
I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon. I started reading it again in January and have a goal of finishing by mid-June with the Young Women before we go on a trip to Utah. I don't want to be judgemental or critical. It's too yucky feeling and exhausting. And these dudes make me feel sooooo happy.....

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