February 19, 2014

Very lovely

Harriet Jillian. I love her so much!

Dear friends and sisters, Amy and Katie. Amy's going to have a baby girl, whom she will call Valentina, this spring!! I'm so so excited for her and can't wait to see her become a mommy. She and her man, Steve, are intelligent, interesting, strong, kind people. They are entrepreneurs and world travelers and will be incredible parents.
Beautiful couple. Amy wearing a dress her mother wore when pregnant with her!
Hattie wearing Amy's Mom's baby bonnet!!!!! (And being a little annoyed with me, sorry baby girl.)
Brothers!!!! everyone in town on a Sunday morning.
Wicked awesome bed heads
Little Hat, looking like me.
My darling like, what mom??!

My heart is aching over these pictures my sister in law, Ashley, posted because I miss them so much!! I miss all my in laws and family. Can't wait to see them this year.
Above: Lauren, Ash, Kate, Weston, Lincoln. Below: Weston and Ian

Freddie w mini mustache, riding bikes at the children's museum.

Collin got Hattie this mini doll while he was in Orlando for a week for work. She LOVES it. It's the only toy or stuffed animal that she will hug, suck on, wrestle, nuzzle, and smile at hehehe!!!

Trotro and LUNCH

Best thing to happen to a girl always in search of the perfect waffle. The plain waffle itself is to die for and toppings put it over the top. My order: waffle rolled in cinnamon and sugar, topped w biscoff and a scoop of vanilla ice cream!! These are going to blow your pants off; this I guarantee!"

Sweeties Paige and Hattie

Playing in the side garden at grandmas. It's too gorgeous not to be outside at all times.

My honey

Mission accomplished. Naptime. Side note: we were all asleep I. The nursery here, then I got up after an hour and did some stuff, then Fred got up after another hour and joined me. Hattie stayed in, sleeping for another couple of hours. This girl loves to sleep and does well on her own. My children are different from each other in many ways!

Uncle Joe Joe and Hattie Hat. Happy together. They have bonded so much already. What an incredible uncle he is. 

My hunk!!!!!

Been having a beautiful Saturday morning! I was realizing how few Saturdays we've had together (and time in general) recently. Even Sundays are so busy!! Some stuff was cancelled this morning and we were able to get up, nurse, relax, make and eat breakfast very casually, play around, watch a show together that we all like (jimmy Fallon's tonight show!!!!! Collin and I LOVE it and Fred loves all the music. Hattie...well she's indifferent at this point!!) ..it was so nice. So we decide that we aren't going to go to things on Saturdays at all anymore unless it's altogether as a family or a very important/close friend/special exception.) :) Saturday will be deemed relaxation and family day!! 

I guess my children just sleep w their eyes open. Only other person I know that does it is uncle Dave.

Bye bye honeys. 

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