February 22, 2014

Phoenix Suns!!!

Sandy money and Frederick's first Suns game of the season! It was a lot of fun: two babies in tow!! We four were squished into just two seats plus dinner but it was so much fun! Freddie was soooooo excited---absolutely giddy about going at all and had a great time watching the players, yelling at the lights to GO, and dancing his little booty off to the music. He loves "baskagaul" very very much. My mom and I had fun dressing up (I actually curled my hair!!! And felt nice!!!) and Hattie just nursed and slept most of the time. She was interested in looking at the court for a little while. We love my dad's season tickets this year: 4th row behind the opposing team's bench. We played the Spurs (double, triple puke) and killed them!!! That Duncan was crying in his seat, haha!

My babes in their suns colors!

In the picture below, "Where's Freddie?"
Fun night. Collin was out with Joseph having a guys night! 

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