February 15, 2014

My valentines; a family valentines date

It all started early this morning.....when Fred and I got up and made pink heart-shaped waffles and decorated for VALENTINES DAY!! He was really excited and brought the waffles into sleeping Collin who was very surprised when they ended up on him.

Happy LOVE day. All these holidays keep happening and I explain them to Freddie. He has been trained to say happy valentines day, daddy-o, and that valentines mean I love you.

There was a double yoke!

This is us at target, me sitting on a chair in an aisle, nursing, and Fred occupying himself. This was a crazy cool bouncy chair.

This year we decided to go on a family date since I'm nursing Hattie constantly during the day (and crazy--she sleeps 8 hours at night!!) so we wanted to pick some family friendly places. 

We picked up daddy from work in the evening and all headed to a new place he'd been highly recommended, Chicago hamburger company. It was SOOOOOO amazing delicious. We had Chicago style chili cheese fries, cheddar sliders and a hot dog w onions, mustard, pickle and tomato. So good. We got there right before the rush and "played" ms PAC man with Fred. He, of course, made friends with a little girl, fara, and ended up sitting with her family, eating their fries hahahhaa. They were super nice and said they were from the Midwest and eat at ChCo all the time. Good job Smith!!! And a plus: the meal was only $17!!!! So much food!

Then we made a drive out to Mesa because I have been dying to try waffles from one of the trucks and there are no waffles trucks in Phoenix!!! There was a valentines event at this cool venue with lots of families, music, and WAFFLES. I had a waffle rolled in cinnamon/sugar, with HEAVENLY biscoff and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was SO AMAZING!!! The owner's husband assured me that they are getting a truck ready for the Phoenix area, which overjoyed me. These waffles are just so good. 
Fred loved running around in the grass with all the other kids and got thoroughly worn out. Both kids were asleep by the time we got home!!! Yes!!!! 


Mine: (and Fred got a plain waffle and loved it too!!)

My sweethearts.

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