March 25, 2014

30 years

Last week I turned 30!!! I had been absolutely dreading it but a friend told me to embrace it! That 30 is the new 20!! And honestly I feel young. I feel like the best times are ahead. I'm loving life right now, loving bring a family of four, loving being a mom. It's definitely hard at times but as I realize that the difficult things will pass and that this stage in life is so short and precious, it brings gratitude.

Plus my family spoiled me rotten. Woke up to these party animals...

IMG 6134 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

After the morning celebration, we dropped daddy at work, then worked out at La Fitness and then met my mom and Joseph for pedicures. Soooo nice.

The kids were so good. Just sat on our laps all happily. They're always good in these situations. I have the sweetest babes. I nursed Hattie hat here and there.

Then to the children's museum w uncle Joe. He and Frederick ran around the place while Hattie and I spent time together. I had lots of calls/texts/emails throughout the day. It made me feel so loved.

Below: Fred's first time going up this thing for real. You can't carry children at all and he always gets a little nervous walking on uneven surfaces/w heights. And I can't bring Hattie at all...because I can't carry and well...she can't walk. I can't imagine a time when I'll have two little people running around, playing w each other and me. I love these babes and I'm excited for that time. Oh, and Joe is a giant human. When did that happen, baby Joseph, my bestest little buddy?

I was tying to get directions to SMOCA (Scotsdale museum of Cobtemporary Art) and apparently someone had changed my name w Siri.....hahhahahahahhahahaha!

Picked up my lover man from work and ate the most DELICIOUS salad from Potbellys (the one w fruit!!) in the park here. Beautiful gorgeous happy day.

Smoca was fun. I nursed Hattie for most of the time we were there, which wasn't long, and just stared at the walls around me. There's something so peaceful and unwinding to me about being surrounded by creativity.

IMG 6179 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

Met up w the moneys at this place called GADZOOKS! For dinner. It's a creative spin on the enchilada. Sooooooo good. Love these dudes. They all made me feel so special. We missed David and all the Smiths. They all wished me happy birthday and made me feel so blessed.

My DELICIOUS enchiladas

Big wishes. Big attainable wishes. I blew out all thirty candles but one was a trick candle. Those things mess with wishes, yo. I hope I still get it.

IMG 6198 from Nikki smith on Vimeo.

Jayna posted this picture of us in high school. Aw, I love her!

This one was also dug up...I think it was my 27th, right after we moved to Rockville.

She is the most gorgeous amazing little baby creature. Sucking her thumb in her sleep???!!! My heart leaps!!! I love being mama to these two!!

Sharing his water w rocket the dog. A boy after his mamas heart.

it was a HAPPY birthday.

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