March 11, 2014

Life going


Freddie goes to a sports class once a week! He loves it. My mom holds Hattie so that it can be just my Freddie and me. I love spending time w him. He is precious. 
My little brother at his basketball banquet.  I'm so proud if him.

Fred driving, Hattie reading labels

Fred going down the stairs like he's terrified of heights, with backwards shoes... And Hattie being adorable face

"Mom, I love my pants blue!"
"Mom, I love your shirt, yellow!"

In love w my almost 33 year old ;)
Finally tried waffle love. It's yummy but waffle crush is my favorite still!!! We had fun at the modern manor sidewalk sale. 

And we bought a couch!!!!!! It's so comfy!! We love it.

 It was a busy Saturday but we were together. We recently made a family rule that we don't do things on Saturday unless it's altogether as a family. It's our only day to really spend time together! So far it's been great. We know that no matter how crazy life gets, we always have Saturday to balance ourselves out. BDAY PARTY time for one of Fred's church friends. They went ALL OUT. 

Freddie, cheering everyone on at the mechanical bull. He kept yelling, "slower! Slower!!" Hahaha!

He was first in line for this one.... Hehe

Puzzle maniac for life. I haven't done one since Fred was small but I've started again!!! Woo!!

Great Sunday walk/scooter ride. It no longer gets cold in the evening. So much fun w my little buddy. 


Hi galy. 

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  1. you totally inspired me to get ollie in a sports class--i did it! and man, you guys make cute kids!