March 22, 2014

An after life

'sometimes when I am alone I go into my bedroom and take off my shoes and look at my feet and think, "is it him?"'
-David Grossman, Falling out of Time.

This man is so insightful and has so much pain, wisdom, healing behind his words, yet he says he is a nonbeliever and that he cannot draw comfort from the idea of an afterlife. I can't understand this. 

Today at church I led the lesson in Mia Maids (young women ages 14-15) on the subject of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I felt deeply that I know that this is real- that our Savior is Jesus Christ and that he atoned and suffered for us and felt every pain, embarrassment, loneliness, and hurt from sin that we have and will feel. Then he sacrificed his life for us but after 3 days rose from the dead, his spirit and body reunited for forever. I know he did this and that we will also be resurrected someday, after we leave this world, and our bodies will be perfect. I know this means I will live forever with my family and friends if I am faithful. I know this means my Savior and Heavenly Father love me immensely. I know that I want to be more unselfish, more serving, more grateful, as Christ is. I find much hope in the thought of the life after this one. 

Stripes family!! (I think it's all we own)

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