March 15, 2014

Play in the snow!

We decided to be spontaneous on my last day of being 29 and my mom and the babes and I drove up to flagstaff to play in the snow for just the day. It was a great little trip up, getting chillier all along the way. Both kids slept the whole drive up. Hattie is a great little traveler and slept the whole way down too. 

We got into town and of course had to grab breakfast at The Place. I was trying to bundle Fred up but he wouldn't have it....until we got out of the car and he felt the cold northern wind! He asked for his hat, coat and gloves right away. Hattie pretty much hated the whole cold trip. My Phoenix babes. At least I got some good cuddling in!!

Sharing a hot chocolate. Fred said, "I love chocolate milk, hot, mommy!!!"
More than we could eat!!!!
Love her little long johns

I love flagstaff. You already know this, blog of mine. But each time I return, to that beloved town, I fall in love deeper and wider. I love the skies, the buildings, the memories, the people, the animals on leashes everywhere, the shops and stores, old and even the new ones, the hot chocolate on the porch and climbing stairs, and waiting for buses and opening my eyes. The exploration, and independence and what it meant and means and will mean maybe one day.
The air was cold and it was sunny so we drove up to snowbowl to play in the little bit of snow up there. My little bunny.
Grandma just wanted to see snow!!

Freddie LOVED it. He kept throwing a million snowballs (tiny chunks of slush from tiny gloved hands) at me and saying, "I get YOU, mommy!!" Hehehhe it was the best.
He kept saying hi to the skiers on the chair lift. We played in a little spot to the side of the runs.

It was a success, in my opinion!

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