March 12, 2014

Beautiful day out!!!

Its suddenly a billion degrees, super sweaty, have-to-turn-your-a/c-on-full-blast, HOT. There will only be shorts or skirts for me from now till November. But it is blue skis beautiful and we had a great day w friends at a ball game and the zoo. Frederick just loves being with lots of kids and I love watching him grow. He's constantly pointing and asking, "what's that?!" He loves to learn and experience everything. I read recently that it's good to try not to tell kids to "hurry" and to let them explore the works around them, and that usually my need to hurry is more about my own poor time management. I've been really trying to never use the word and to give myself at least 15 extra minutes to get to the car!! And now instead of stressing, I just enjoy watching Freddie as he takes his time, picks up a million rocks, stops to watch bugs crawl or listen to birds or tell me it's windy and it's not raining today (yeah get used to it kid.) sure it takes forever to get places and we are last many times, but hey, what else to I have to do that's more important than my child counting every light in the complex and trying my keys on every mailbox lock, oops! Hehe.

 Love the phx zoo very much

He loved the splash pad. Looks like this is how we will be spending our summer!!

Above......oh boy........

And ps....I'll be 30 on Thursday...yeeeps!!! Every time I think about it I squirm like a bundle of nerves. To celebrate I made a very big change to my appearance!!!!!!

Pps....I suddenly FEEL so old! I have wrinkles and when I crack my back it hurts...I'm an old lady!!


  1. what is this big change?! so exciting! and happy (early) birthday! we love you, even if you are an old lady!

  2. it is getting so hot, and it's only march!! happy almost birthday, and what is the big change?!?! :D