March 4, 2014

Ups and downs

I was feeling blue so I spent some time with my mom and kids, then talked to my parents in law on the phone and then picked up Collin after work and we had an extraordinary family night. We picked up treats, played at the alligator park well after dark, then ran over to AMC to see Frozen again on the big screen. Hattie slept the whole movie and Fred and daddyo and I all sang along!! It was the best. Love my family and friends who lift me up and love me. Today has been up and down. I think I might be experiencing a little pp emotion so I'll stay on top if it, keep busy, keep w good people and love on my children extra amounts. It's beautiful outside. Today we returned to the gym! It went pretty well. I wish someone would hold Hattie the whole time instead of putting her in one of those swings but it's only an hour and I'm going to kick this weight's butt just in time for summer!! Gotta be happy and same so that everyone else can be.
Collin has the car today so we three at home will have an adventure on the train! So excited!!

The lovliest. Loved the oscars! And that frozen won two categories!!

Daddyo reading to kidZ yesterday

Fun park yesterday morning
My amazing daughter Ready for Summer
The interesting sunset last night.
Running!! Frozen time!
Best beat friends
Do it.

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