September 18, 2015

Alison's Cabana Boogie

I know I've talked about this but I wanted to document it in my blog. So I've followed this woman, The Alison Show on Instagram for a while. She is from UT, a pro party planner, talented, hilarious, popular, etc...but the difference w her and so many other "famous bloggers" is her level of honestly and realness. I don't envy her, I want to PARTY WITH HER. I just love her. 
Well, she was having another event in salt lake and I realized.....oh my gosh, I'm moving to salt lake!!! So without too much thought, I bought a ticket. Then it came down to it and i had moved just weeks before, missed my friends and family, didn't know anyone who would be at this thing...and was a little intimidated. Ok. A lot. I was super scared. I was like praying in the shower, give me confidence, somehow!!!!!!! Well...I had one of the most amazing nights of my life. Collin watched the kids and I got ready and headed out. 

This is me, about to drive there. I felt good but nervous. I kept thinking...who cares if no one likes me. I can't help that. 

And here is the line. I was so intimidated....and then the best thing ever happened...the two girls in front of me in line just turned around and started talking to me!!!!!! They were so nice. They were best friends and had grown up together. One was newly married and the other married and with a daughter Hattie's age. They were in their early 20s and still wanted to be my friend!!! Hehe!!! Well they made the night awesome because we partied and danced our hearts out and laughed so much. 

It just goes to to people. Be friendly. You never know who you're going to meet or how you will effect people. 
The night was so fun and the whole thing was just amazing. The concept of having a party for women just to bring people together and have a good time is so cool. Alison, you rock. You're amazing. The tickets were so inexpensive and you worked so hard so make this an awesome night for a regular old human like me. 
Alison was just so normal and approachable and cool. She was talking to everyone and cracking jokes and man, could she get down on the dance floor with that cute baby belly. 

Fun empowering night, pumped full of confidence to do anything. It's so good for me to have a night away now and again. Not too often though. I got home to this and was so happy.  


  1. Fun!!! I think it's because of you...I talk to everyone in my path now. I've met some really cool people and it's fun to just talk to people about anything. there is always something to say. Your face looked so soft and beautiful. I loved your colors on your eyes.

    I'm so excited to see everyone. see where you live. see the temple. go to church with you. can't wait.

  2. If she does another one, let's go together! Oh man, I can't wait until the spring when we don't have to anymore isolates RSV seasons because I want to go see you in Salt Lake! We will be taking Lu up there for Temple Square Christmas lights and maybe another couple times during the fall/winter, so I'll let you know. If not, let's do the zoo or something this spring, and we'll treat you guys to lunch! I'm so glad you got out of your comfort zone and had an amazing night!

    1. *isolated, not isolates :)

    2. Man!!!!!! I missed this! My number is 480717nine-two-nine-seven! Text me anytime! I can't wait for spring either!!!!