September 2, 2015

Honey Harvest

Attended a honey harvest at the Salt Lake City library today. We got to watch the beekeepers and learn about bees and even taste some of the honey comb. It was so delicious. My babes are awesome. 

It was fun having Collin there w us because I got to spend time with each of the kid individually, reading and playing. Hattie is so funny! She speaks in complete sentences and asks questions and tells jokes. Lee loved reading books about trains, different holidays, hugging and kissing, counting, animals, brushing your teeth etc. she sings her ABCs so loudly; the whole floor can hear!! 
Frederick is so imaginative. He wants to meet people and make friends. He wants to play games like tag and hind and go seek. He wants us to join him in all of his discoveries. He sings and looks at books and makes up games and stories. He also loves playing on the iPad at the library. 

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