September 26, 2015

When I started thinking about how hard some people have it and how blessed I am, tonight I realized I really don't want for much. I am married to a wonderful, hardworking, faithful man; I have healthy, creative, outgoing children; I'm able to bear children at all; I am healthy myself, I have the gospel of Jesus Christ; I have a happy home in an interesting place; I have the money and food and clothes I need. (I could go on.) I am so blessed. I don't struggle much. But then I am reminded by the spirit little things (well, big to me) that I wish for deeply, things that bring tears to my eyes and physical pain to my heart. They are real. But so much hope comes to me from remembering my blessings, from being able to pray to God, my Father. He is real. 
"This life is not the time for all blessings. Many will come in the next life.
Christ will wipe my tears away. 
Someday there will be no more pain. 
God created us to have joy." 
-Elder Uchtdorf of the 12 Apostles 

I want to choose happiness now, see things positively, and see what is in front of me. I want to pray every day, in gratitude and because I need help and to show my children that I need and trust God. 

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